Communications Manager

Location: Oldham


Quick Buffet are a tech start-up for caterers by caterers. We are aiming to lead the way in food and drink technologies in the U.K.
We have a role of a communications manager that as come up
In this role, the suitable candidate will;

• Listening to media reports and reading news articles relevant to the work of the company
• Help in Planning news agendas
• Developing and maintaining media relations within Quick Buffet and Outside of Quick Buffet
• Build up contacts with media representatives and partner organisations
• Overseeing the production of publications, both electronic and manual (e.g. Leaflets and brochures)
• Fully Manage our media relations for product launch
• Providing information to company employees
• Developing and implementing marketing strategies
• Planning media campaigns
• Answering letters and emails
• Attending meetings with journalists and other media representatives
• Overseeing market research and analysing market trends
• Editing the company’s website
• Writing and editing news reports, press releases and other forms of internal and external communications
• Advising directors and other members of a company on media relations
• Attending press conferences, product launches and networking events


The Ideal communications manager will qualified to a good first degree in a relevant subject (e.g., business, media or PR) and relevant on-the-job training. A professional qualification in marketing or public relations or related will be desirable.

Close: 2015-02-06