Imbed YouTube, Vimeo and Uploaded Videos

When it comes to visual media delivery, in addition to Images, YouTube, Vimeo and Uploaded video files will enhance the appeal of your digital signage

Responsive Design

This means your digital signage is accessible across various devices and browsers giving you an edge over the rest.

Browser Based

Save the pain of having to invest in unnecessary hardware. Simply deploy your existing WiFi TV or digital display and off you GO...

SEO Friendly

Lube Studio Digital Signage is an extra layer in your SEO campaigns as every Screen is optimised for SERPs. Don't worry if you want it private though, simply set it...

All Sectors

Automotive, Transporation, Food and Drink, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Retail, Corporate, Public Sector, Government, Real Estate etc etc

You Have Your Power

Tuck in and update as you wish. The power is yours...

Multiple Parameters

Autoplay, loop, colors, dimensions, show/hide video controllers, randomize videos...


Track the performance of your digital signage in the online world seeing the views, commens recommendations and likes its getting.

Social Tools

Share across all social platforms. Get comments and feedback from your campaigns instantly

Extremly Customizable

This means that the limit to what you can achieve is only your imagination. We're sure you will be excited of this simple yet versatile visual media platform.


It means that you aee able to deliver stunning digital signage across your media platforms and devices without worrying of bandwith costs...

Free Updates

Once you've Signed Up to Lube Studio, any future updates come to you at absolutely no charge whatsoever giving you peace of mind.