The Big Players on the OOH Digital Signage Scene as Spend Continues to Rise

Let’s start by looking at a little bit of context at the current state of the sector. Marketing and promotional campaigns are increasingly looking digital, right? Well yes and No. At the just concluded 14th edition of ISE that took place at the RAI Amsterdam on 7-10 February 2017 the single biggest category of exhibitors was and as you probably rightly guessed… digital signage with 495 representations from some of the biggest players in the world. Such is the magnitude and current trend in the sector. At the same time however, research has shown that only 28% of SMEs have some form of digital campaign or engagement with their customers.

With the OOH scene increasingly crowded by vendors/suppliers coupled with a limited market, there is a consolidation of sorts within the sector taking shape with a handful of big players taking a dominant position while many smaller ones and newer entrants are seemingly watching on the sidelines; both suppliers and digital signage customers. Within the wider OOH industry is the lucrative digital advertisement sector that’s increasingly becoming a main stay for many of the large corporations and businesses. While the service itself costs less than it did at the start, in many cases free to users as seen in many blogs and articles end-users invariably need some form of investment in terms of media player and display hardware. Additionally, they will have ongoing costs for content and creative media to be deployed. So for the SME, the sad news is that no network is ultimately free and this explains the stark statistics on poor take up among SMEs.

This is the reason all leading companies such as Signagelive that powers many Food Service/QSR, Retail, Stadiums, Internal Communications and high street displays by PrimeSight, and JCDecaux among others are investing heavily in infrastructure to bolster their presence and positions on the high street and prime locations while others like Scala, DigitalSignage are dominating the corporate sector including business, hotels, schools and the like.

This is Waterloos Latest installation in London by PrimeSight and imposing bright light - See more at:


This is Waterloos Latest installation in London by PrimeSight and imposing bright light… a great addition to the capital’s sight.