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CPI & Iranian Americans for Liberty Urge Caution Against US Election Meddling After Warning From Top US Intelligence Official & Oppose Iran Policy Proposals in the Draft Democratic Party Platform

PRESS RELEASE - updated: Aug 8, 2020 01:13 EDT

The Constitutionalist Party of Iran and Iranian Americans for Liberty Urge Caution After Warning From US Intelligence Chief About U.S. Election Meddling by Groups with Ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran Government and Urge Democratic Delegates to Vote Against Proposals Related to Iran in The Draft Democratic Party Platform

- updated: Aug 8, 2020 01:13 EDT

Today, two Iranian advocacy groups, The Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat) and Iranian Americans for Liberty (IAL) released a statement warning against U.S. Election meddling by groups with ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran Government and urged democratic delegates to vote against proposals related to Iran in the draft democratic party platform.

“The previous democratic administration’s aspirations for a nuclear deal with Iran failed to motivate or modify the malicious regional interference and destabilizing actions of the Islamic Republic government,” said Ms. Haideh Tavackoli, the Secretary General of the Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat), stated: “The Democratic Party should embrace the opportunity to hold the regime accountable for its decades-long human rights violations, violent suppression of free speech, and worldwide support of terrorism.”

“Election meddling by foreign governments is entirely unacceptable. We urge the Democratic party to carefully examine the support that key policy influencers receive and the motivations behind their ideology,” said Iranian Americans for Liberty (IAL) co-founder Dr. Daniel Jafari, an emergency medicine physician in New York. Iran was pointed to for election meddling during a recent briefing by William Evanina, chief of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC).

The statement outlines the unsuccessful efforts of previous Democratic administrations to develop agreements with the Islamic Republic government of Iran that has led to egregious human rights violations, civilian suffering, targeting of American troops, and regional proxy wars. The statement also opposes the proposal to not support regime change in Iran.

You can view the statement HERE.

CONTACT: Jordan Colvin,

Source: Iranian Americans for Liberty




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