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CORSA PERFORMANCE Introduces New Ford Bronco Performance Parts Line

PRESS RELEASE - Jan 5, 2023 10:00 EST

Leading Aftermarket Parts Manufacturer Unveils New Line of Performance Modifications for the Latest Ford Bronco Models

- Jan 5, 2023 10:00 EST

After an unprecedented 25-year hiatus, the all-new Ford Bronco has returned to car dealerships around the nation. In response, aftermarket parts manufacturer CORSA PERFORMANCE has added a new line of premium Ford Bronco exhaust systems, cold air intakes, and non-application-specific components to match. The industry-leading company boasts an impressive 25-year track record of designing, engineering, and manufacturing performance exhaust systems for a wide range of well-known automotive brands in models and years that span decades. 

Fast on the heels of 2021's Bronco debut, CORSA released four premium exhausts for both the 2.3L or 2.7L engine types, designed to give drivers deeper, more aggressive exhaust tonality, increased performance capabilities, and an all-new driving experience. 

With the new Bronco performance parts lineup, automotive enthusiasts can expect their performance exhausts to be ideally suited for the roads or back trails. Each Bronco exhaust is routed to ensure maximum ground clearance for exhilarating, damage-free drives on the rockiest mountain trails or uncleared back paths. Additionally, each exhaust system is available with three unique and stylish tip options, including:

? Turndown Tips for Maximum Off-Road Clearance 

? 4.0" Flat-Cut Polished Dual Wall 304 Stainless Steel Tips 

? 4.0" Flat-Cut Black Powder Coat Dual Wall 304 Stainless Steel Tips 

CORSA has stated that its brand-new Bronco exhaust systems are designed with the reliable specialty performance features customers have come to expect from the brand. Like every CORSA exhaust system, Bronco exhausts come standard with CORSA's patented No-Drone Reflective Sound Cancellation® (RSC®) Technology to give drivers massive sound boosts upon start-up and acceleration with a drone-free cruise. 

In addition, each system is manufactured from high-quality 304-stainless steel with a straight-though, mandrel-bent design to provide Bronco owners with a 60 to 118 percent flow increase, significantly boosting horsepower, torque, and fuel economy. Ford Bronco drivers looking to add performance without spending as much on an exhaust may opt for a Bronco-specific cold air intake system. These components streamline cold air delivery, increase air intake tone and turbo whine and maximize performance potential. 

As a brand of TMG Performance Products, CORSA PERFORMANCE creates industry-leading high-performance aftermarket modifications. Since CORSA introduced its ground-breaking RSC® Technology in 1998, the Ohio-based company has built an impressive reputation for engineering globally-recognized performance products for many popular applications. With a penchant for creating universally-loved performance components, CORSA inspires consumer confidence in every product it manufactures. 

For all media or sales inquiries, please contact the CORSA team directly at (440) 891- 0999 or (800) 486-0999.





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